Our main research interest is computer vision and image analysis. In that framework, we have worked on image registration, image segmentation, visual object tracking, image and feature registration and modeling, image super-resolution, human activity recognition and handwritten character recognition. An important part of our research is also focused on models and methods for biomedical imaging. Specifically, we have been studying methods for single and multimodal brain image registration and statistical models for the analysis of brain images. Also, we have proposed methods for the detection and analysis of cell nuclei in Pap smear image analysis.

Research profile on Arnetminer

PhD students


  • Marina Plissiti. Advanced methods for cytological image analysis. January 2012.
  • Giorgos Sfikas. Statistical models for shape analysis on nonlinear manifolds. Application to brain imaging. Co-supervision with Prof. C. Heinrich, University of Strasbourg, France. September 2012.
  • Demetrios Gerogiannis. Feature extraction for image and point set analysis. December 2014.
  • Vasileios Karavasilis. Visual tracking using mixture modeling. December 2015.
  • Michalis Vrigkas. Human activity recognition using conditional random fields and privileged information. February 2016.
  • Aggelos Giotis.Keyword spotting in handwritten document images using supervised and unsupervised representations. November 2021.


In progress

  • Iason Panagos. Lip reading from video sequences (since Nov. 2019).
  • Panagiotis Dimitrakopoulos. Bayesian and deep learning methods in computer vision problems (since October 2020).